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May 2018

Tuesday 22nd

Our new Night Ops figure joins the ranks. Kitted out with tons of accessories including gas mask, body armour and knee pads. As always the figure is created with brand new Lego body parts to which we have added some of the best custom accessories available.

April 2018

Friday 13th

We finally managed to get our hands on some more printed dark grey caps, so our old favourite WW2 German Captain has returned to rally his troops.

January 2018

Monday 29th

We have a new WW2 British Sentry available and regular visitors may notice that some of our old favourite WW2 Lego figures have been given slightly new looks as better accessories have become available.

Thursday 25th

Keep your Lego rank and file soldiers in order with our new WW2 American Sergeant figure. He comes complete with a 'Sarge' helmet, removable poncho and scoped rifle.

Tuesday 23rd

Treat your Lego World War foot soldiers to these new Field Caps, and for your winged warriors we have new Aviator Pilot Helmets

Thursday 18th

We have new Forces Caps available for your Lego military soldiers and SWAT tactical troopers. For your Lego WW2 British and Allied troops we have new Brodie Helmets available in a variety of colours.

Wednesday 17th

We've added a few more items, new assault rifles for your modern military Lego minifigs, a half face gas mask and riot gun for your tactical troopers and a great looking Sterling SMG for your Allied soldiers.

Tuesday 2nd

Happy New Year! Grab up to 20% off on Lego Collectable Series, Star Wars, Simpsons and Super Hero figures in our New Year Sale. We are phasing out the non-military items on the site, so this year we can concentrate on all things army.

November 2017

Saturday 18th

New items available for your Lego WW2 Japanese soldiers, distinctive Japanese Hats with visors and neck flaps, plus a Japanese Pistol for your officers and captains.

Friday 10th

We've just added radio operators for all of our customised Lego WW2 armies, so now your troops can keep in touch on the battlefield.

September 2017

Thursday 21st

We've had a big restock on BrickWarriors items and also added awesome German Gas Mask Helmets for your World War Lego figures.

July 2017

Tuesday 25th

We've now joined Instagram, yeah we know... about time! So if you're a fan of Instagram you can find us at littlelegendsarmy and we're using #armyminifigs as it sums up what we do.

June 2017

Wednesday 28th

Add some order to your Lego WW2 American soldiers! We've added printed US Pot Helmets with printed badges for Private, Sergeant, Captain, Medic and a rather nice webbing pattern.

May 2017

Wednesday 17th

More army guns have now been added to the shop, we see the welcome return of some old favourites along with some great new additions.

April 2017

Thursday 20th

We've just added a few new army guns. For your Lego military soldiers we have the MK18D Assault Rifle, and for your SWAT, mercenary or bank robber minifigs we have three new Shotguns.

March 2017

Friday 17th

The German Panzer troops have had a slight facelift, making good use of the excellent new accessories we've recently added. Whilst standing around looking sharp in their smart black uniforms they suddenly realised they needed someone to drive the tank... so we've now added a Panzer Driver figure.

Not to be outdone by the recent new British troops, our range of German soldiers are fighting fire with fire with the addition of a German Flamer figure, complete with gas mask and flame thrower.

Thursday 16th

Our WW2 section has some new British Lego soldiers, now you can add some heavy fire power to your army with our new British 3 Man Heavy Squad. This new squad includes a British Flamer, Rocket and Heavy figure.

Monday 6th

France has now joined the fray in our WW2 Soldiers section. We have a new WW2 French Squad, consisting of a soldier, gunner and captain figure.

February 2017

Friday 17th

A few more World War items added, including some more unusual items like a harpoon gun, stretcher, syringe and wirecutters. Great accessories for your military minifigs.

January 2017

Thursday 12th

Italy has now joined the fray in our WW2 Soldiers section. We have a new WW2 Italian Soldier, Captain and Scout kitted out with great weapons and headgear.

Monday 9th

Twenty more brand new BrickWarrior World at War items have been added today. New WW2 helmets including Japanese and Russian helmets and hats. Plus WW2 Weapons to arm your American, Japanese and Russian soldiers. Also added are a couple of more unusual items like the Mine Detector and Land Mine plus the stylish, yet practical Tanker Helmet for your WW2 tank drivers. Get creative this year and build your Lego World War army.

December 2016

Friday 16th

We've just added over twenty new WW2 helmets and weapons to the site. Created by BrickWarriors they are the ideal accessories for your own World War minifig creations.

Originally the plan was to wait until the New Year to add them, but they're so good we just couldn't wait! They are sure to inspire us to make some new WW2 Lego figures next year which will make our range even bigger.

July 2016

Thursday 21st

We have a free figure giveaway over on our Facebook page. So if you fancy winning a Heavy Duty figure head on over and take part.

Friday 15th

It's seems to be all about heavy weapons this month. Even more great weapons by CombatBrick have now been added to the Heavy Weapons section. This time round your modern military figures can get some great new kit. New additions include: CB36 Grenade Launcher, RPG Version 2, Spear Rocket Launcher, SMAW Multi Assault Weapon, AT-4 Anti Tank Launcher and an XM25 Burst Grenade Launcher. Enjoy...

Thursday 14th

Some great heavy weapons by CombatBrick have been added to the site. For WW2 fans we have a Panzerfaust and Panzerschrek for your German soldiers. For your American troops we have a WW2 style US Bazooka and a Vietnam-era M79 Thumper Grenade Launcher. Kit out your troopers with these great weapons and make short work of your enemies vehicles and buildings.

May 2016

Thursday 12th

Heroic warrior, soldier of fortune or menacing mercenary?... you decide! Our new Renegade figure has just joined the Modern Military section and features some nice little touches like a goggle cover, camo neck scarf and armoured knee pads.

Wednesday 11th

Our Heavy Duty figure is back in stock, regular visitors may notice that he no longer has wrist armour, we had trouble getting more vambraces, so rather than not making him anymore we've tweaked the look slightly and lowered the price.

April 2016

Friday 15th

The Lego Series figures have had a boost this week, there are 15 Series, with 16 figures in each Series, which is a choice of 240 different figures! We have managed to get 220 of these in stock at the moment, so just 20 to go!

If there's a gap in your collection, or a 'must have' figure you missed out on the first time round, now's a good time to take a look...

We're also restocking the WW2 figures and starting to work our way through the Modern Military section.

March 2016

Tuesday 1st

We're using our heads this month with the addition of some great new Lego compatible headgear. For World War minifig makers we have some new German Helmets available in various colours, the iconic German army Stahlhelm will finish off your troopers perfectly and can also be combined with gas masks and face scarves to mix it up a bit. We also have new Army Caps for your captains and officers, so your minifig can show them who's boss by donning one of these stylish caps.

For modern warfare fanatics we have a new MW Helmet, again available in several colours. These look great on their own, but can also be combined with the flexible Goggle Covers for that full tactical look.

Finally, we have the new Balaclava Mask, designed to fit completely over the minifigures head, a must have accessory for bank robbers, black ops, rebel fighters and perhaps even Mexican wrestlers.

February 2016

Wednesday 17th

Series 15 figures are now available on the site, they include: Animal Control, Astronaut, Ballerina, Clumsy Guy, Farmer, Faun, Flying Warrior, Frightening Knight, Janitor, Jewel Thief, Kendo Fighter, Laser Mech, Queen, Shark Suit Guy, Tribal Woman and Wrestling Champion.

There's a great new mullet hairstyle on the wrestler, ideal for making gun-toting rednecks or 'prepper' figures.

Also wondering how long it will be until a Warhammer fan takes the Faun figure, changes the face and adds a couple of weapons to create a Lego Chaos Beastman!

Our personal favourite is the Flying Warrior, which one is yours?

Friday 5th

Our latest modern military/tactical Lego figure was going to be called 'how many accessories can you possibly fit on to one figure', but we decided that was a bit long and wordy, so he's now affectionately called Heavy Duty.

If however you're looking for some crowd control or need a minifig to hold back the zombie horde, you can't go too far wrong with our new Riot Police figure, complete with riot shield and baton.

January 2016

Wednesday 20th

There's always room for a new sniper on the site, so we've just added a Winter German Sniper minifig, complete with stahlhelm helmet, face scarf, winter longcoat and rifle. This also means we now have a 4 man Winter German Squad.

Tuesday 19th

Another blast from the past, this time it's the futuristic Enforcer Elite figure, heavily armoured and kitted out with great weapons he's ready and waiting for his next mission. 

Tuesday 12th

Seems like the right time of year for some Winter German Soldiers, so we've just added a new Captain, Soldier and Gunner figure to the WW2 section. Dressed in white winter style and kitted out with some great weapons and accessories.

Monday 11th

Classic Chief - a blast from the past! The Halo-style Lego figure that we used to put together years ago has made a welcome return to the site. Call us old nostalgics but we've kinda missed the little guy.

Friday 1st

To get the New Year of with a bang we've added some more great guns from Sidan Toys. They are overmoulded in Black and Brown and include some great WW2 pistols, rifles and stick grenades. We also have a new AK47 which could easily become one of our new personal favourites as it features a removable magazine and also has an ammo pack available separately which has three different magazines that can also be slotted into the AK47 body.

Overmolding, sometimes called 'two shot molding' is a process where one colour plastic is injected into the weapon mould, then a second colour is injected into specific parts of the design creating a solid plastic, two-coloured version of the weapon, clever stuff.

December 2015

Tuesday 22nd

BrickForge Compound Bows are back, but this time round we aren't just stocking the classic Black look, we also have camo versions available in Dark Tan, Olive Green and White. So whether you're creating your own Lego desert stalker, winter warrior or jungle hunter you can now tailor your minifigs weapon to his surroundings.

Wednesday 16th

A very mixed bunch of new items have just been added to the site. For your wannabe ninja figures we have cool looking Shuriken Throwing Stars and Ninja Swords. We have a new version of the MP40 Machine Gun for your WW2 German forces or boost your allied forces with the addition of a Lewis Gun. If modern military is your thing, you might like the new Ingram M11 with removable silencer, SG17UB Pistol, M110 Elite Sniper Rifle or the deadly looking L15 Bayonet Knife

November 2015

Saturday 28th

Joining the ranks in our WW2 section we now have Japanese troopers, these new Japanese Soldiers include a Captain, Gunner, Soldier, Sniper and Mortar Man. Available as single figures or small squads.

Friday 27th

We've got our hands on some little Bat Blades, so give your Dark Knight the edge with these cool looking throwing weapons.

Wednesday 18th

A few more weapons have been added to the site. For modern warfare fans we have a new version of the formidable M249 Machine Gun, this time in Iron Black with a brassy coloured print on the bullets, plus a very nice looking Tactical Pistol.

For WW2 fans we've added a US M1911 Pistol, M1 Garand Rifle and a US Bar Rifle, great new guns for your American soldiers.

Monday 16th

Regular visitors to the site may have noticed that we are gradually replacing a lot of the product images. The new images are bigger and closer up views of the items which should be better for viewing on any size device even smartphone size screens. This is another step in our plan to make the site a better shopping experience for all customers.

Sunday 1st

To celebrate our new look and get November off to a great start we are having a special 10 day Sale featuring 50 popular items. If any of the items go out of stock during the ten days they will be removed from the sale and a new popular item will take it's place. So in theory there will always be 50 great items to choose from during the whole Sale period.

October 2015

Thursday 22nd

The new version of the website is now up and running, it should work better on mobile devices now and we hope you like it.

Tuesday 20th

We are currently upgrading the website. The new look site will be faster, smoother and fully-responsive which means whether you are using a desktop, tablet or mobile the website will adjust itself to your screen. This should make the site easier to browse and view.

September 2015

Wednesday 23rd

If you're a fan of Lego modern military minifigs you might like our new Desert Warrior, he's armed to the teeth and combat ready!

Monday 7th

We have a new custom Lego minifigure in our Modern Military section. The Urban Warrior is well armed, armoured and ready for his next mission. He comes complete with a chunky heavy duty helmet, night vis, body armour, backpack, belt, grenade, pistol and the popular P90 machine gun.

Wednesday 2nd

We've just added the new Series 14 figures to the site. It's a great selection this time round as they're all horror/halloween themed. The new Lego figures include Banshee, Fly Monster, Gargoyle, Monster Rocker, Monster Scientist, Plant Monster, Skeleton Suit Guy, Spectre, Spider Lady, Square Foot, Tiger Woman, Wacky Witch, Werewolf, Zombie Businessman, Zombie Cheerleader and Zombie Pirate.

July 2015

Thursday 9th

If you like making your own MOC's, military scenery and vignettes check out the new weapon crates and plastic drums we now have on the site. Available in various colours and the crates come in two sizes. Along with the sandbags they can be combined with your existing Lego bricks to create some great scenes.

Wednesday 1st

Thought we'd start the month off with a bang! We couldn't resist combining the cool new mortars with some new World War figures. We now have mortar men for our British, German, American and Russian troops.

June 2015

Friday 26th

Our mission continues to create the biggest and best custom Lego WW2 range. The Americans in our World War section were starting to get outnumbered so we've flown in reinforcements in the shape of Airborne 101st troops. The new figures include an Officer, Gunner and Soldier.

Thursday 11th

We've just added a small but perfectly formed selection of modern military weapons, including: M5 CQB, M4A4 and M134 Rifles, a dangerous looking L17 Knife and our personal favourite, the M83 Sniper Rifle with folding bipod.

Add some heavy artillery to your minifig armies with these great M2 Mortars. We like these, easy to assemble and come complete with five mixed mortars. Currently available in Tank Green, Dark Tan and Black.

Tuesday 9th

Our Groovy custom Lego minifigure joins the Little Legends section on the site, the retro spy armed with a spy pistol and cheeky grin. Yeah baby!

Friday 5th

German Field troops join our WW2 range of custom figures. Featuring camo jackets and some great accessories, the new figures include a Field Gunner, Field Officer and a Field Medic.

We've had quite a few people asking about the face scarves we use on some of our recent figures, so we now have them available to buy separately. Available in Black or White they can be combined with most open-faced helmets, caps, berets and shorter hairstyles.

Thursday 4th

After a long absence from the website, our Desert Rats are finally back. And we have good news for Lego WW2 fans, over the next few weeks we will be adding lots more World War themed minifigs. Our quest to create the best range of WW2 figures continues!

April 2015

Thursday 30th

For modern military fans we've just added a new British Special Forces figure. This highly trained minifig comes with an army beret, microphone headset, camo body armour, assault rifle and military knife.

More colours available in the Guitars and Drums section. You can now treat your musical minifigs to a nice acoustic guitar in Dark Orange or how about a cool electric guitar in Dark Red or Dark Blue for your little guitar hero.

Friday 10th

If horror is more your thing, then you might like this creepy custom minifig from our collection. This new version of our Horror figure features a durable custom printed torso.

For fans of old sixties fab music we introduce our retro-style singer looking snappy in his sixties style suit. Features a durable custom printed torso and custom guitar.

He always said that he'd be back and now he is, this time round our Cyborg figure features a custom printed torso, making him much more durable than our older version.

We've been adding some more little legends to the site. Our little guitar legend Haze figure, features a custom printed torso and a double printed head so he can grit his teeth during those heavy guitar solos!

February 2015

Thursday 19th

Our old Rogue figure has also had a revamp. Now he has a custom printed Lego torso and cool looking solid white plastic hood, so he's tough enough to carry out lots of stealth attacks and ambushes.

We're revisiting some of the custom Lego minifigs we used to make years ago. This time round they will feature custom printed parts to make them much more durable than the older versions. To get the ball rolling we've added the popular Pop figure.

Wednesday 11th

In our continuing effort to increase our World War range of figures we've just added German Panzer troops to the collection. Hope you like them!

The LEGO® Minifigures Series 13 is now available on the site. Some great Lego figures including: Alien Trooper, Carpenter, Classic King, Disco Diva, Egyptian Warrior, Evil Wizard, Fencer, Galaxy Trooper, Goblin, Hot Dog Man, Lady Cyclops, Paleontologist, Samurai, Sheriff, Snake Charmer and Unicorn Girl.

January 2015

Tuesday 20th

We've added some more Lego WW2 style German land forces. This time it's German Heer troops including an Officer, Gunner, Trooper and Sniper. We're hoping to keep adding more World War figures this year to gradually build up one of the best selections available on the web.

Friday 9th

Continuing the Modern Military theme we've added a new Army Ranger figure. He's kitted out with some cool stuff, including: night vision goggles, microphone headset, face scarf, body armour, tactical belt, hydration pouch, smoke grenade, pistol and assault rifle with removable silencer.

A few more army guns have been added including a Thompson M1A1, SKV5, SHB, M93R Pistol and a cool little Military Computer.

Saturday 3rd

The latest addition to our Modern Military range, the Special Ops figure comes complete with custom backframe, assault rifle, pistol, time bomb and stun grenade. Highly trained and ready for those tricky missions.