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LEGO Body Parts

LEGO body parts for sale, including heads, torsos and legs, great parts for modern warfare army men and SWAT tactical style figures, ideal if you want to make your own custom minifigs from scratch and then kit them out with some great weapons, armour and headgear.

Lego Legs - Tan

LEGO® Legs - tan.


Lego Legs - Sand Green

LEGO® Legs - sand green.


Lego Legs - Reddish Brown

LEGO® Legs - reddish brown.


Lego Legs - Olive Green

LEGO® Legs - olive green.


Lego Legs - Lego Old Grey

LEGO® Legs - Lego old grey.


Lego Legs - Light Blueish Grey

LEGO® Legs - light blueish grey.


Lego Legs - Dark Tan

LEGO® Legs - dark tan.


Lego Legs - Dark Brown

LEGO® Legs - dark brown.


Lego Legs - Dark Blueish Grey

LEGO® Legs - dark blueish grey.


Lego Legs - Black

LEGO® Legs - black.


Lego Torso - Tan Arms

LEGO® Torso - black torso with tan arms and black…


Lego Torso - Olive Green Arms

LEGO® Torso - black torso with olive green arms a…