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We're regularly adding new stuff to the shop so it's always worth popping back now and again to check out the new items like army guns, tactical gear, body armour, soldier caps and helmets, weapon packs, LEGO® figures, guitars, parts and cool custom minifigs.

ECB Backpack - Dark Tan - Sidan Toys

High quality ECB Communications Backpack, the perf…


WW2 - British Sentry - Custom Minifig

World War 2 style British Sentry. Created using LE…


WW2 - American Sergeant - Custom Minifig

World War 2 style American Sergeant. Created using…


WW2 - Japanese Heavy - Custom Minifig

World War 2 style Japanese Heavy machine gunner. C…


German Storm Rifle - Black - BrickWarriors

German Storm Rifle - Great looking World War army …


Aviator Pilot Helmet - Brown - BrickWarriors

Aviator Helmet, treat your WW2 pilots to this heav…