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A mixed selection of pistols and sidearms to kit out your custom minifigs, all are perfectly sized to fit your figures hands and range from old style WW2 pistols, tase guns and modern warfare weapons all the way through to space age pistols and blasters.

Japanese Pistol - Black - BrickWarriors

Japanese Pistol, a great looking sidearm for your …


WW2 Semi Auto Pistol - Black - BrickWarriors

A great sidearm for officers and captains. Particu…


Walther P38 Pistol - Black Brown - Sidan Toys

German Walther P38 Pistol - overmoulded in Black a…


M93R Pistol - Army Guns - Sidan Toys

M93R Pistol - Great looking army sidearm, the perf…


Peacemaker Pistol - Military Gun - Sidan Toys

Peacemaker Pistol - High quality gun, the perfect …


Enforcer Gun SW - Scifi Gun - BrickForge

Enforcer Gun - High quality weapon, the perfect ad…


Torch Flashlight - Custom Accessory - Sidan Toys

High quality Torch Flashlight, a perfect addition …


Robot Blaster - Scifi Weapon - Little Arms Shop

These high quality, highly detailed blasters are t…