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Custom Weapons

A fantastic range of LEGO® compatible modern warfare guns and weaponry for your military minifigs, army soldiers and SWAT specialists. Make your custom minifigs and kit them out with assault rifles, sub machine guns, semi automatics and shotguns.A mixed selection of pistols and sidearms to kit out your custom minifigs with, all are compatible with your LEGO® figures and range from old style WW2 pistols, tase guns and modern warfare weapons all the way through to space age pistols and blasters.If you need some heavy weaponry for your LEGO® figures then perhaps add these to your custom military minifigs, army soldiers and SWAT figures. We have Miniguns, RPG's, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, ammo boxes and powerful mortars.If you're trying to make the ultimate custom LEGO® sniper minifig, then you may need one of these bad boys, we have a good selection of very cool looking sniper rifles, perfect for your army assassins, stealthy scouts and sneaky snipers.Great accessories for your LEGO® World War figures, WW2 weapons including Luger pistols, MP40 machine guns, Thompson guns, Springfield rifles, machine guns, Gewehr rifles, grease guns, Bren heavy machine guns, mortars, stick grenades and pineapple grenades.Trying to make custom space troopers, enforcers or wasteland warriors? Maybe these LEGO® compatible weapons could be what you're minifig needs. Blasters, assault rifles, sci-fi shotguns, ionizers, shredder guns, spike grenades, flamespitters, sniper rifles and powerful pistols.Combat knives, machetes, kukri, tomahawks, grenades, claymores, stun grenades, smoke grenades, frag grenades, military watches, ammo boxes and even a time bomb, all great little LEGO® compatible accessories to make your custom minifigs the best.If you like little details then get tactical with this range of batons, nightsticks, watches, military computers and laptops, torch flashlights and walkie talkies, great finishing touches if you're trying to make your own custom LEGO® SWAT and Police figures.A nice range of custom LEGO® compatible, bulletproof shields, Police, FBI and SWAT shields, riot shields, blast shields and rams. Great accessories if you're custom tactical figures need to hold back the crowds or maybe fend off the zombie horde!Great custom parts for your military LEGO® MOC's and armouries, these weapon crates come in two sizes and various colours, the smaller crates are great for your minifigs grenades, pistols and small supplies while the large crates can hold all sorts of equipment and weaponry.

Army guns and SWAT gear, pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, WW2 weaponry, grenades, shields, batons and knives that are all designed for use with minifigs. Perfect parts for making your own custom modern warfare army soldiers, futuristic troopers and tactical SWAT men.