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Custom Headgear

A range of LEGO® compatible army helmets that can be combined with the Night Vision Goggles we have available. Many of these helmets can also be combined with gas masks and face scarves, so you can make some great looking headgear for your military men and tactical SWAT figures.A range of LEGO® compatible military helmets that can be combined with the wide choice of gas masks and face scarves we have available. Many of these helmets can also have night vision goggles attached, so you can make some awesome looking headgear for your army soldiers and tactical SWAT guys.Various gas masks, tactical goggles, ski masks, face shields, face masks and scarves that can be combined with many of the helmets and headgear available, allowing you to get creative with your custom LEGO® minifigs.A nice selection of LEGO® compatible army berets, officer caps, military field caps, modern marine caps, side caps, headscarves, short brimmed and wide brimmed boonie hats, visor caps and garrison caps, great headgear for your WW2 or modern military minifigs.If you're trying to make your own custom LEGO® WW2 figures, check out this selection of World War helmets, officer caps, army berets, boonies, US pot helmets, field caps, German helmets, visor caps, side caps and garrison caps.Heavy duty head protection for your resistance trooper and shock trooper minifigs, or how about a big red mohawk for your wasteland warriors? These helmets look great combined with chunky space age body armour and are completely compatible with LEGO® figures.A mixed selection of LEGO® compatible helmets, which come with microphone headset,s creating awesome looking headgear for your custom modern warfare minifigs or a great finishing touch to your tactical teams.Modern Warfare style helmets, completely compatible with your Lego soldiers and figures

Minifig compatible headgear, kit and helmets for your army soldiers, modern warfare figures, sci-fi troopers or tactical SWAT men. Call of duty style helmets, night vision goggles, military style gas masks, officer caps, army berets, field caps, riot helmets, boonie hats and marine caps.