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Custom Bodywear

A selection of LEGO® compatible body armours that can have backpacks or hydration pouches attached to them, allowing you to create some great looking military minifigs or tactical SWAT guys. Our range of backpacks and pouches can be seen in the Army Backpack section.Make your own custom LEGO® minifigs stand out from the crowd with this heavy duty body armour, great for military or SWAT figures these vests are available in various colours including tan, dark tan and grey camo.A mixed selection of great looking body armour and assault vests, stylish protection for your LEGO®  military minifigs, ranging from the big heavy Juggernaut Armour to more lightweight Tactical Vests and Security Armour.Military style assault, combat and tactical belts, with holsters and clips for holding sidearms, grenades and knives. Plus bandoliers and vambraces for your modern warfare, SWAT or futuristic foot soldiers. Designed for use with LEGO® figures.If you are trying to make your own LEGO® space age soldiers or futuristic fighters, perhaps make your minifigs extra special with this selection of sci-fi body armour, bandoliers, custom backframes, backpacks and vambraces.Custom laser cut minifigure capes, cloaks and shoulder pauldrons made from stiffened fabric to prevent fraying. Great accessories for your own heroic custom figures or for replacing lost or damaged originals on your LEGO® Star Wars, Harry Potter, Super Hero figures etc.

Ideal bodywear and armour for your modern warfare minifigs, army soldiers, sci-fi troopers or tactical SWAT men, army and tactical body armour, camo vests, backpacks and belts, great accessories and kit for creating call of duty style figures.