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Custom Lego WW2 American soldiers and squads, German soldiers, British and Russian soldiers
Lego Modern Warfare soldiers, customised black ops and army figures complete with body armour, helmets, weapons and accessories
Lego SWAT figures and tactical custom minifigs kitted out with great guns and gear

LEGO Minifigures, Custom Army Guns and Parts

Ideal bodywear and armour for your modern warfare minifigs, army soldiers, sci-fi troopers or tactical SWAT figures. LEGO® compatible army and tactical body armour, camo vests, backpacks and belts, great accessories and kit for creating call of duty style figures.Army guns and gear, pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, WW2 weaponry, grenades, shields, batons and knives that are all designed for use with LEGO® minifigs. Perfect parts for making your own custom modern warfare army soldiers, futuristic troopers and tactical SWAT figures.LEGO® compatible headgear, kit and helmets for your little army soldiers, modern warfare minifigs, sci-fi troopers or tactical SWAT guys. Call of duty style helmets, night vision goggles, military style gas masks, officer caps, army berets, field caps, boonie hats and marine caps.Custom parts to make your LEGO® MOC or military models extra special, sandbags, fuel cans, weapon crates, transit boxes and plastic drums that are all compatible with your existing bricks. Also, printed plastic money, for shopkeepers, high rollers and of course bank robbers!

Custom Minifigs

Welcome to our online custom minifigure shop where you will find a wide selection of modified minifigs for sale. Created using LEGO body parts and the best custom accessories available, our ranges include Modern Military Men, WW2 Army Soldiers, SWAT Tactical Teams, SciFi and Gamer figures.

Guns and Parts

We stock a large range of minifigure compatible guns, army and SWAT gear, WW2 weapons, body armour, gas masks, night vision goggles, belts and helmets. We also have custom parts for your army scenery, including weapon crates, fuel cans and sandbags for your military models and MOC's.

LEGO Figures

If you don't want to buy customised minifigures you will also find some great original LEGO figures for sale including Star Wars, Super Heroes, The Simpsons and of course the large and varied selection of LEGO Minifigures Series figures. We're always adding new stuff so come back soon!